ISAN Switzerland is a national registration agency for the ISO standard 15706 called ISAN - International Standard Audiovisual Number. In 2002 this ISO standard was created specifically for audiovisual works. This so-called ISAN is managed centrally in a film database by the ISAN International Agency (ISAN-IA) based in Geneva. The data of all audiovisual works and versions registered worldwide are coordinated and maintained there. ISAN-IA is supported in its work by over ten nationally active agencies, including ISAN Switzerland.

The agency ISAN Switzerland, based in Bern, is responsible for labelling audiovisual works in Switzerland. ISAN Switzerland was founded in 2004 under the name ISAN Berne by the SUISSIMAGE, SSA and SWISSPERFORM collecting societies and is organised as an association. Since 2018, SUISA has also been a member of ISAN Switzerland.

ISAN's customers include producers, screenwriters, broadcasting companies, digital streaming platforms and content management organisations.

ISAN Switzerland takes care of the creation of customer accounts and supports your customers in the registration of works for an ISAN. You do not have an account yet? Set it up here.

Further information on the international organisation ISAN can be found at www.isan.org.