SUISSIMAGE will also cover the costs for ISAN in 2022

SUISSIMAGE will now also cover the costs for ISAN Projects (INDEV ISAN) for SUISSIMAGE members.

ISAN has established itself as the most stable identifier in Switzerland for audiovisual works, also thanks to SUISSIMAGE's support. The SUISSIMAGE Board has adapted the criteria for ISAN cost coverage for SUISSIMAGE members. The adjustment aims to provide even better financial support at the time of a film's production. In this sense, the costs for ISAN Projects (INDEV ISAN) for Swiss productions will now also be covered from 1 January 2022, irrespective of a work registration with SUISSIMAGE. However, only for ISAN and ISAN Projects created and acquired during the current business year. The costs for older ISAN and ISAN Projects are no longer covered. Furthermore, the costs are only covered for works that last longer than 4 minutes, unless it is an animated film or video type.