ISAN Project - What is it?

You need an ISAN, but your film project is still in development and not yet ready? We have the ISAN Project (formerly INDEV ISAN) for you.

This identifier is a fully-value ISAN created specifically for film projects "in development". The most important difference to a regular ISAN: The ISAN Project is non-public and therefore not visible to everyone in the ISAN database. It only appears in the customer's own ISAN account. The ISAN Project must be released or "activated" after the publication of the film work so that it appears in the publicly accessible film data and can be viewed by all. Only then can the ISAN develop its public effect in digital processes and on the internet.

Activation often takes place when the film project enters post-production and the release of the film work is foreseeable and imminent. Until then, the data on the film project can still be changed, adapted and supplemented or deleted at any time. ISAN Project does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the data. Therefore, the ISAN Project can only be used for non-public purposes, such as reporting obligations to funding agencies for the production of a film, for festival applications or also for one's own internal project management. The price of an ISAN and an ISAN Project is the same and is one time CHF 30 each. Quantity discounts are possible.

For more information about ISAN Project and ISAN in general, please contact us using the contact form.