ISAN Switzerland

ISAN Switzerland is the Swiss registration agency for the generally approved ISO standard marking for Swiss productions of audio-visual works. Here you can register your audiovisual works and mark them with an ISAN, an internationally recognised identifier (International Standard Audiovisual Number). With an ISAN, your work is equipped with the globally recognised ISO standard and is registered in the ISAN film database and thus identifiable on the World Wide Web and globally. Learn more

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SUISSIMAGE will also cover the costs for ISAN in 2022

SUISSIMAGE will now also cover the costs for ISAN Projects (INDEV ISAN) for SUISSIMAGE members.

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ISAN Project (formerly INDEV ISAN) - What is it?

You need an ISAN, but your film project is still in development and not yet ready? We have the ISAN Project (formerly INDEV ISAN) for you.

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Corona emergency aid for cultural workers

Emergency aid for cultural workers through Suisseculture Sociale

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We proudly present ISAN Switzerland

ISAN Berne has changed its name to ISAN Switzerland.

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