ISAN Switzerland

ISAN Switzerland is the Swiss registration agency for the labelling of audiovisual works according to the generally accepted ISO standard. Here you can set up an ISAN client account and register your audiovisual works, mark them with an ISAN - International Standard Audiovisual Number - and manage them yourself. With an ISAN, your work is recorded in the publicly accessible ISAN film database and thus identifiable on the World Wide Web and globally. Learn more

Here you can create your customer account and register your film

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ISAN - Don't let it die

ISAN is the worldwide registrar for audiovisual creations. So they never die.

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Customer Service Note

Dear ISAN customer

Please inform us of your concerns by e-mail, if possible, and not by telephone. This will make it easier for us to process your enquiry, as we may have to forward it to someone…

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ISAN Project - What is it?

You need an ISAN, but your film project is still in development and not yet ready? We have the ISAN Project (formerly INDEV ISAN) for you.

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